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Chloé Martini with Anna Zmijewska Behind This Wall, Hackney

· Victory Drinks

Anna Zmijewska

The most popular serve this winter at Behind this wall has been this dessert cocktail offering, synonymous with the alias of its’ creator. You’ll all know Anna as Anna but, by day, she sun-lights (sic?) as a recording artist and producer Chloé Martini.

Anna’s favourite drink was a 'Last Word, her favourite spirit Green Chartreuse. She’s worked here on her own version using pine and plum for this menu; more of a pallete-cleansing ‘Stinger-esque’ night-cap than an out-and-out sweet finisher.

It was reasoned, as well, that this seasons’ CBD offering would be with this cocktail, just the tonic before cosying up in bed for a night of lucid dreams.

It’s the first drink Anna has made for BTW and certainly won’t be the last! Suffice to say her favourite drink now is a Chloé Martini!

Chloé Martini

Chill down a Nick & Nora or small martini glass and set aside. In a cocktail shaker, add all the liquid ingredients including the bitters, pack with ice and shake vigorously until sufficiently chilled.

Double strain the contents into your chilled glass, garnish with lemon zest and serve!

*To infuse gin with jam take two bottles gin per 220g jar of jam (work up or down to that ratio dependent on how much gin you want to make). Combine the two in a sealed jar and leave over-night. Strain the liquid through some muslin cloth the next day and re-bottle.

Behind This Wall, Mare St, Hackney

Dive down a dimly-lit flight of stairs at 411 MARE ST; Behind This Wall is a contemporary basement bar on the top of the NARROW WAY, Hackney Central. The bar was built and is run by friends, with a singular approach to design, music and drinking.

Their menu - which changes seasonally -comprises carefully sourced products and ingredients made in-house to exclude artificial additives, colours & flavours, high fructose, corn-syrup and unnecessary sugar. To taste: walk-ins are always welcome but, you can book a booth (or hire out the whole space.)
A note on the hi-fi: the system has been assembled from composite (storied) parts from a ‘golden era’ of our native audio industry; with a myriad of complementary elements from Tannoy, Papworth, E.A.R. & JBL.

Cheers Anna and the BTW team!

Chloé Martini


60 ml Damson Jam infused Victory Cold Distilled Gin*

15 ml Green Chartreuse

7.5 ml BTW Pine CBD Syrup

22 ml Lime Juice

3 squirts Bittermens Krupnik Honey Bitters

Lemon Zest (for garnish)

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