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Victory Negroni with   

Leon Dalloway - The Gin Boss

· Victory Drinks

Leon Dalloway

Hi, I'm Leon, founder of the Gin Journey and Martini lover. I'm an expert in the stratosphere of the world's most dynamic spirit. We've launched our experiential gin tour in five cities in the UK plus Singapore.

For my Victory Drink, I've chosen a Negroni using Victory Cold Distilled Gin, Victory Bitter & Cocchi di Torino. The Victory Gin and Victory Bitter are the perfect partners in crime to make a rocking Negroni. The gentian wallop in the Bitter marries perfectly with the aromatic nature of the vacuum distilled gin, whack one of the world's finest vermouths in and you've got yourself a belter.

I'm not a huge fan of stirred Negronis so I'd suggest you just build this one over fresh, quality ice. It is also always nice to start with a chilled glass from the freezer.

Take your chilled rocks glass and fill with ice. Add all ingredients to the glass. Peel a fine orange zest over the glass, express the oils from the zest over the glass and drop in.

I heard the VICTORY crew batch these up in Capri Sun pouches, where's mine?

Check out Gin Journey online to book one of these awesome tours HERE.

Also check out The Gin Boss Instagram HERE

Victory Negroni


26ml Victory Cold Distilled Gin

24ml Victory Bitter

20ml Cocchi Torino Vermouth


Garnish with an orange zest

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