Victory Vodka - Square Mile - 2020

Our latest batch of Victory Vodka is out now and this time we've teamed up with our new neighbors Square Mile Coffee Roasters.


The Square Mile team has supplied us with the green coffee for this batch of Victory Vodka. The coffee is a 'White Honey' of the Catuai variety, from El Vendaval farm by producer Ricardo Calderon in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.

Flavour notes



"We've been buying coffee from the Calderon family of Los Angeles mill in Costa Rica for over five years. Responsible for a large chunk of the magic that comes from our Costa Rican offering, the Claderons produce some of our seasonal staples including Los Girasoles, Quebrada Grande, and last but not least, El Vendaval. Meaning strong wind, we can't help but see the similarity between the dynamic energy of the Calderon family and the delicious, vibrant coffee they produce. Round, sweet and well balanced, El Vendeval radiates floral notes drawn together by hints of sweet orange and caramel."
- Square Mile

Victory Vodka is made using a previously unexplored botanical; unroasted, green coffee. We cold-distil this highly aromatic and volatile raw ingredient at 45°C under vacuum to extract the light, savoury, and almost vegetal aromatics of this unique botanical. This is something new, an expression of coffee’s most natural essence.

This is not a coffee flavoured product. Enjoy our Vodka.

Victory Vodka Botanicals:
Unroasted Green Coffee

Victory Vodka is available in:
700ml Glass Bottles
700ml Refill Pouch
2.1L Eco Pouch
19.6L KeyKeg