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Victory Vermouth Pilot 1.0 - 15.3% - 700ml
Victory Vermouth Pilot 1.0 - 15.3% - 700ml
Victory Vermouth Pilot 1.0 - 15.3% - 700ml

Victory Vermouth Pilot 1.0 - 15.3% - 700ml

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Victory Vermouth Pilot 1.0

So, we have been VERY EXCITED about launching a project that has been a long time coming. We were feeling pretty disgruntled that the world turning upside down, got in the way of the launch of our most recent collaboration.

We’ve sourced the most local of wines from @fhvlondon using their Bacchus as the base for the pilot of Victory Vermouth.

Victory Vermouth (neither sweet nor dry) is intended to be uncomplicated and a celebration of the selected wine.

For this reason our botanical bill is super paired back. We have come up with a recipe of Green Coffee, Wormwood, Pine and Rhubarb Root. The sugar addition is very low, around 3%, but the natural sweetness and mouthfeel of the wine is stunning. Because of this, our Vermouth will easily work in place of dry or sweet in classic cocktails. We love it.

How do we drink it? 50/50 with soda or tonic, loads of ice and a lemon zest.

We considered putting this project on hold, but honestly, what's the bloody point in that.
You guys can enjoy this at home.

We're releasing Victory Vermouth as a part of our pilot series. Get a bottle in and give us your feed back. We look forward to developing this product together with you.

Lets see if it evolves, ready for an official launch into bars and restaurants in the (lets hope) not too distant future.