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Victory Pilot - Ekuanot Hop - 47.3%
Victory Pilot - Ekuanot Hop - 47.3%
Victory Pilot - Ekuanot Hop - 47.3%

Victory Pilot - Ekuanot Hop - 47.3%

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The next in our PILOT SERIES is a hop gin, using Ekuanot hops. Ekuanot is used mainly for it's strong aroma characteristics, which are commonly described as lemon, lime and papaya.

The Gin is, like all our gins, juniper forward but with a massive whack of hop aroma. No bitterness is taken from the hop as we cold distill them under vacuum at only 45°c. 

We're currently serving this at the bar with an apple cordial and soda and we are loving it. 



VERB /ˈPaɪlət/ - Test (a scheme, project, etc.) before introducing it more widely. We never rest when it comes to flavour.

We love to experiment and have the pleasure of working with some fantastic people, making collaborative products in every category. We have named these experiments and collaborations, Victory Pilot Limited distillery releases under this label may, one day, become Victory products.