Victory Vodka 41.3% - 2.1 Liter Refill Pouch

Victory Vodka 41.3% - 2.1 Liter Refill Pouch

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Victory Vodka 41.3%
2.1 Liter Refill Pouch - 20% Saving (3x700ml)

Three Bottles In One.
Taking the refill system up a notch. These three bottle pouches were originally designed for supply to the trade. Bars and restaurants refill their glass Victory bottles and keep the pouches in the stock room. Customers kept asking for 3 bottle pouches at home! So here you go. Give the people what they want. 


Victory Vodka

Made using a previously unexplored botanical; unroasted, green coffee.

We’ve partnered with Rob Dunne, director of coffee at Old Spike Roastery & co-founder of Dunnefrankowski Creative Coffee Consultancy. Rob ethically sources seasonal, green coffee beans for us. We cold-distil this highly aromatic and volatile raw ingredient at 45°C to extract the light, savoury, and almost vegetal aromatics of this unique botanical. This is something new, an expression of coffee’s most natural essence.

This is not a coffee flavoured product. Enjoy our Vodka. Take Victory