• Earth Martini

    Rosey - Three Sheets, Dalston

    Earth Martini


    40ml Victory Vodka
    10ml Martini Extra Dry
    5ml Victory Olio*
    2.5ml Faude Feine Beetroot Spirit
    1.25ml Sugar Syrup


    Rosey Mitchell - Three Sheets


    I can be found at Three Sheets, a neighbourhood bar in Dalston where this drink can also be sipped from our current menu.


    Up there in my favourite drinks of all time is the vodka martini. Vodka is also one of my favourite things so when asked to create a drink with the victory range, it just made sense.


    This drink still has all the best qualities of a classic vodka martini. Super clean, but has this amazing bright earthy note flowing through.


    We’ve used Faude Feine Beetroot spirit in this, it’s produced in a small distillery in South Germany and has this wonderfully clean and very intense beetroot flavour. When used in a small amount as below it works perfectly with the notes of green coffee in Victory Vodka.


    Max from Victory had been experimenting with an olive oil distillate (Victory Olio*) and he brought some in for us to try. At this point, I’d already got the backbone for this drink and when I tried that instantly realised it was the missing piece!


    Victory now distil the olive oil we stock in the bar for us and we add some to this drink!


    50 Best Bars- 29th 2018


    "Three Sheets is the cocktail world’s best example of beauty in simplicity. This tiny space in London’s Dalston is the result of the uncluttered philosophy of brothers Max and Noel Venning – there are 30 seats, a single shelf of spirits and a dozen cocktails to choose from. It’s this execution of the basics and the creation of easy-on-the-palate twists on classics that has made this bar a firm favourite of the trade – there isn’t another place in London where you’ll find more off-duty bartenders per square foot."


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    *Victory Olio is currently not available to buy but this may change!

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