Sustainability and going Plastic-free in 2021!

We've set ourselves a goal to remove all the plastic components of our packaging by the end of 2021.

We have been forging the path in the spirits industry, with bulk packaging, since we founded the company in 2016. We started with recyclable eco-pouches holding enough to refill three 700ml bottles. We then moved on to KeyKegs which allowed us to package enough to refill a bottle 28 times. In doing so, we reduced our packaging waste by up to 85%. We are hugely proud of this achievement.

Nevertheless, we believe, as a business, it is our responsibility to be constantly looking for new ways to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

Going plastic-free means totally rethinking the way in which we distribute, package, label, and seal our products. We don't expect to achieve this overnight, but, watch this space!

Goals 2021

Step One: Carbon Offsetting via the planting of trees in the UK. We will offset behond the amount of CO2 we produce. ACHIEVED

Step Two: Replace original plastic refill pouches with aluminium cans and returnable steel kegs. ACHIEVED

Step Three: Rebrand, Move toward a plastic free Victory permanent bottle, whilst reducing the weight of our glass to minimise our shipping weight. IN PROGRESS



We've upgraded our refill system. We pioneered the Eco-Refill-Pouch in the spirits industry. It helped us minimize our packaging waste and weight. It's something we are really proud to have achieved, but now it's time to ditch the single-use plastic! 

Though our pouches were recyclable, and people did return them to us to be recycled properly with TerraCycle, we wanted to make it even easier for our customers to choose to refill. 
We've kept it really simple. Our refill option will now be available in a good old ring pull tinnie! 
It is the answer to all of our packaging woes. It's Plastic-free, Infinitely recyclable, lightweight and, let's face it, really cool!