The new culture of comradery and support for small businesses gives us hope that we’ll be supported through this difficult time.

Over this last year, through all of the ups and downs we have learnt to be ready and willing to adapt, change and roll with the punches.

Unfortunately, we’ve run into an issue with the sourcing of our glass bottles (borders...customs...Brexit...cheers!) and our shipment of plastic-free refill cans have been sitting at the border for weeks. In addition to this, we’ve also run out of stock of our plastic refill pouches BUT we refuse to go back to using single-use plastic.

With nothing left but our steel refill kegs, our production has effectively ground to a halt, for now!

As the hospitality industry is finally coming back to life, this really couldn’t be happening at a worse time for us. We were ready to hit the ground running and can’t really believe the situation we now find ourselves in.

Due to the size of business we are, and the storage capacity we have, this problem has been sadly unavoidable.

As always, we have got a plan up our sleeves!

Fortunately, we’ve been planning a full re-brand. This change is our next huge step towards being plastic packaging free by the end of 2021. We’ve also sourced lighter locally made glass bottles. This means that we won’t run into issues with customs, with the added benefit of largely reducing the mileage and thus carbon emissions!

The original plan was to roll out the new plastic-free brand by the end of the summer but we’ve had no choice but to bring this project forward to… RIGHT NOW!!

It may seem a bit abrupt, a bit drastic, but we have to problem solve and think fast!

As of today, we will be setting our webshop to “OUT OF STOCK”. If you have a subscription with us, this will be put on pause. For our direct trade customers - Glass bottles and 700ml refill cans will also be temporarily out of stock. We will still have bulk products available in the form of our steel refill kegs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is what you are after.

For our customers, both in the trade and at home, we can’t thank you enough for your support thus far and can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on.

Thank you for your patience. As for our re-brand, let the countdown begin!

Click the google link to add the launch to your calendar!



Always Forward!

Max, Máire, Dan and the rest of team Victory