• Victory Vodka

    Victory Vodka - 41.3%


    Victory Vodka is made using a previously unexplored botanical; unroasted, green coffee.


    We’ve partnered with Rob Dunne, director of coffee at Old Spike Roastery & co-founder of Dunnefrankowski Creative Coffee Consultancy. Rob ethically sources seasonal, green coffee beans for us. We cold-distil this highly aromatic and volatile raw ingredient at 45°C to extract the light, savoury, and almost vegetal aromatics of this unique botanical. This is something new, an expression of coffee’s most natural essence.


    This is not a coffee flavoured product. Enjoy our Vodka. Take Victory


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    Victory Vodka Botanicals:

    Green Coffee


    Victory Bitter is available in:

    700ml Glass Bottles

    2.1L Eco Pouch

    20L KeyKeg

    Victory Vodka Soda